B1 Usability Package Tips and Tricks

Why should you use B1 Usability Package? Here are 100 video-examples on how it can make your SAP Business One experience better.


How to configure who is shown the B1UP Notification
How to make your user-selection easier with user-groups
How to use authorizations in B1UP
The less known aspects of Dynamic Syntax
How to use Console Log to detect errors
How to use Company State System
How to get an overview of your B1UP Configurations
How to calculate B1UP's Return of Investment?
Turn modules off that you do not need or use
How to setup additional B1UP Superusers
How to Let us Help you With Learning HANA SQL
How to use translation keywords in various setups

B1 Dashboards

How to work with the Open Items Widget
How to work with the Common Functions widget
How to work with the World Clock widget
How to use different skins in B1 Dashboards
How to work with the SQL Report Dashboard Widget
How to work with the World Map Dashboard widget
How to work with the Process Flow Dashboard widget
How to work with the Messages and Alert widget in B1 Dashboards
How to add your own views to B1 Dashboards
How to use Dashboard Search
How to use B1 Dashboard despite running the HANA Fiori Cockpit
How to send out Dashboards on a Schedule
How to set your default Dashboard Search Provider
How to replace SQL Reports with "Dashboards" to make them more Cool
How to Open a Dashboard from another


How to do Performance Profiling
How to best provide data to Boyum Support
How to suggest a new feature for B1 Usability Package
Why you should turn on Do not verify database option
How to use Help and Troubleshooting screens in B1UP
How to setup you own support structure

B1 Search

How to add you own searches to B1 Search

B1 Validation System

How to get rid of annoying pop-ups
How to custom color fields and change texts
How to make your own Custom Audit System
How to use a .NET Snippet to check if a column is active
How to replace a formatted search with B1 Validation System


How to get a better SAP Calendar

Function Buttons

How to let a Function button launch a formatted search
How to create a multi-button

Item Placement Tool

How to create a new tab
How to Make your own Golden Arrow with custom action
How to make alternatives to Function Buttons
How to make a tab on Item Master that show open sales docs
Why can you call a UF from an Item Placement Tool?
How to move Function Buttons to another location
Tour of all the secondary Options inside Item Placement Tool

Make Items Read Only

How to make read only Fields for some users

Mandatory Fields

How to use Colors in Mandatory Fields
How to control how mandatory fields are displayed

Master Data Manager

How to automatically Group your BPs in A/B/C Groups
How to change mass change Sales Employee
How to make credit notes for wrongly posted Invoices
How to clean up Document Drafts
How to close a bunch of old lines on a long sales order
How to give same authorizations across multiple databases

Quick Create

How to Customize the Quick Create Screens

Recurring Invoices

How to cut/copy/paste Recurring Invoice Lines
How to get Recurring Invoice texts and prices up to date
How to make advanced texts on Recurring Invoices

Right Click Menu Creator

How to make alternatives to Function Buttons
How to make customizable Right-click Menu-items


How to hide inactive Business Partners from lists
How to get and update button on your SAP Open items list
How to use the Go to New feature
How to quickly get same sales and purchase dimensions
How to prevent users from messing around in User Defined Tables
How to search for Line level data
How to get a better SAP License Screen
How to start in name instead of code
How to Automatically enable system information when you start SAP
How to fix the first mistake every new user of SAP B1 does
How to easily tell if you have open and closing remarks
How to Get more room to write your queries
How to get automatic City by entering Zipcode
How to copy/paste BP Addresses
How to print a Chart of Account that does not suck
How to get better descriptive texts on your Journal Entries
How to Prevent * Data
How to Prevent duplicate Data
How to clean up Document Drafts
How to clean up Follow up Activities
How to set the Form-Settings default Tab
How to know how many attachments you have without going to the tab
How to prevent manual changes to address
How to Help your users with ? Buttons
How to go to the Item instead of a BOM
Fitting columns manually is boring so let's automate it
How to work more efficiently with the transfer means screen

Universal Functions

How to chain Universal Functions
How to set up Track and Trace on a Purchase order
How to make a tab on Item Master that show open sales docs
How to set values in the UDF Sidebar with a Macro
How to let your macro ask for variables before executing
How to custom call B1 Print & Delivery from a macro
How to use macros as templates
How to post a SAP Event to Microsoft Teams
How to export data from SAP without developer knowledge
How to make a Sub-item group using Dynamic Combo boxes
How to use MultiSet Command

B1 Print & Delivery - HTTP Trigger

How to do various weekly/monthly reporting automatically to Microsoft Teams